Stories from an Inspiring Fit Female

Posted on: July 7th, 2010 by Rachel Cosgrove

Wanted to share a few stories of a fit female who has most definitely become the BITCH- Being Inspiring Totally Confident and Hot!

First a little back story…this fit female has been a client of mine who I coached for her first Ironman Triathlon. During her training she did strength training a couple times a week but also built her volume up running, biking and swimming. She accomplished her goal of becoming an “Ironman” and was in the best shape of her life.

Since then, she has been an endurance junkie. A few weeks ago I received an email from her that she was feeling flabby and frumpy and no matter how many hours she was spending running, biking and swimming her body was not changing. She was the heaviest weight she had ever been and needed help!!! I urged her to pull her focus away from her endurance events and instead focus on changing her body…and follow The Female Body Breakthrough Plan.

Two weeks later….I got this note-

“After following your book and philosophy strictly for 2 weeks, 3-4 times/week…

Last night I went out with some friends, all of whom think I’m still training for triathlon, some of whom I saw for the first time in 10 years. First comment (heard behind my back): Look at Kim’s calves! So I turned around, to hear, you are SO FIT Kim! Other comments to follow throughout the night were similar, closely resembling, wow, you’ve got some guns, you look SO good, and you have more muscle than me! Oh, AND by the way, I was sporting a jean mini-skirt and a form fitting v-neck. A few months ago, I wouldn’t have thought twice about wearing that!

Next, I was outside by myself, and when I turned around, I saw one bouncer and security guard looking me up and down and saying something. Then, as I walked past, the bouncer looked at me, hands on my shoulder, “What are you?!?” which is a typical question because people always want to know what nationality I am. Then, “What do you DO?! What kind of athlete are you? Are you a body builder? Softball player?” Later that evening, through the crowd, he came rushing over to me, to shake my hand and tell me how sexy and fit I looked. “Fit” being the operative word.

Last story: I was outside again talking to a friend when another guy, the head of security came up behind me, and put his hands on my shoulders from behind me, and said, “DAMN!! Now, this is a WOMAN. Fit and sexy!!” And he went on to ask me what I do, and then wanted to hire me as security for the Playboy party that he’s running security for at the Playboy mansion. LOL.”

This is the exact description I have in my book of a “Fit Female” and I LOVED all of these stories. It is not about being a thin, waif body – it is about being “fit,” “athletic” and looking confident and sexy in your jean mini skirt!

Be the BITCH! Be Inspiring Totally Confident and Hot! Thanks for sharing your stories Kim! Keep up the great work!

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