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Posted on: August 17th, 2010 by Rachel Cosgrove
Recently Dan Kennedy, one of my favorite authors and a marketing and business expert in his recent newsletter said,

“Businesses are refusing to fix the sagging foundation and termite infested structure while adding three stories of new construction on top. Pouring money or even great marketing into a leaky boat with rotting wood doesn’t solve the wood-rot. Rot will take it’s toll over time. The answer? Investment in mastery of craft and it’s details; determination to see that represented. Respect for your craft and your customer.”

A sign of “mastery in your craft” in our field is a trainer who has real clients getting real results using their methods. Show me before and after pictures and client stories and I’m listening. Until you have substantial evidence in the form of Before and Afters and real transformations you need to continue to invest in the mastery of your craft as a fitness professional.
One of the most powerful, inspiring tools we have as a fitness coach is our client’s stories. Before and After pictures tell your client’s story. Having before and after pictures that your potential clients can identify with is a necessity to a successful personal training business.

Your potential customer wants to see what is possible and that someone “just like them” achieved success.

How many Before and After Pictures along with Testimonials do you have from your clients? If the answer is none, it is time to start collecting them. We have a file overflowing at Results Fitness.
As Alwyn and I have started doing more and more business coaching in the new division of our business, Results Fitness Biz, with personal trainers we have realized that one of the obstacles we come up against is when a trainer doesn’t have any before and after pictures. One of the first things we do when we start coaching a fitness business owner is find out –  Do they get results with their clients? Do they have before and after pictures? If not, we have to work on their training ability before we can work on their business. You can’t build a business around not getting results.
Ask yourself as a fitness professional- do you get results with your clients? Are you pulling the potential out of your client’s?
To start creating the same dramatic changes in your clients and have a file full of before and after pictures along with powerful client stories to use in your marketing, you have to use effective fat loss programming and coaching.
How much more money would you make or how many more lives could you change by inspiring others if you had a file folder full of Before and After pictures to use in your marketing?

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Dedicated to your Success,
Alwyn and Rachel Cosgrove

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