“I get bored easily.” – Tony Hseih

Posted on: August 4th, 2010 by Rachel Cosgrove

One year ago I was at a seminar in Vegas and next door to us was something going on…You could tell because there were a lot of people and there was a buzz of energy in the air. You could feel excitement. Then as I was sitting in the seminar all of the sudden a really loud emotional cheer came from the room next door. It sounded like everyone must be on their feet cheering and clapping and maybe even some tears. You could feel the burst of excitement and emotional energy through the wall to the point that it gave me chills. I found out this was Tony Hseih, CEO of Zappos making the announcement to the team at Zappos about the Amazon “marriage.” That’s what Tony called it “a marriage” between the two companies. They had sold Zappos to Amazon for 10 million dollars! He tells the story in his book, Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose, of this day and when he made this announcement to the audience and how they all stood up and it was a surreal feeling. He and his team had built this company to something much bigger than themselves. I realized at that point that I wanted to be a part of building something much bigger than myself and I wanted to share excitement like that with our team at Results Fitness. How amazing that they are all a huge part of the excitement and celebration.

The next day I was fortunate to hear Tony Hseih speak and after his hour talk I knew I had to learn more from him and Zappos about building culture, core values and the idea of building something bigger than yourself. We had a really great culture at Results Fitness but we hadn’t defined it. This was the answer to taking our business to the next level.

I am the type of person who when I decide I want to learn from someone I dive in- I joined their new website, www.zapposinsights.com and within a month had signed up for their first Zappos Insights Bootcamp which sold out within minutes because they kept it exclusive, only 30 of us. I had already had a Results Fitness team meeting putting what I learned into action and we had defined our core values as a team, making those a part of who we are. I already noticed a difference among the team. After attending the bootcamp I was lucky to be selected to be in a mastermind group of 6 businesses along with Zappos to meet every month and discuss how our culture is changing. Over the last year we have really defined our culture at Results Fitness and have learned a lot from Tony Hseih and Zappos. When his book, Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose, came out we were able to get pre release copies for our team and all of our Results Fitness Biz Coaching Members and it became a huge topic of discussion among our group and in our website on the forum.

This past week I was honored to be a speaker at Zappos Insights and afterwards Tony Hseih had a gathering at his house where I was able to sit down and interview him. I had met him twice before, once very briefly when I first heard him speak

and then at the first Zappos Insights and he always seemed very easy going and definitely one of Zappos core values, humble. Here is this guy who has built a 10 million dollar company and he did not have an ego whatsoever. This exclusive interview is for our Results Fitness Biz coaching members only but I did want to share one thing he said that has been ringing in my head…

“I get bored easily.”

When he said this I realized that this is a trait common to anyone who has reached success. Having a restlessness that you can’t be in your comfort zone for too long. The average person wants to stay in their comfort zone and will fight to not go out of it. Successful people seem to thrive just outside of their comfort zone and as soon as things get comfortable they get “bored.” They keep growing their comfort zone to get bigger and bigger as they continue to step outside of it.

Thinking back, Alwyn and I have always had this restlessness. Starting our business over ten years ago we had already learned from many people in our industry and had worked on becoming the best trainers we could be, we then moved on to become experts at running a business and managing a team hiring coaches to learn from such as Thomas Plummer. We then started to learn how to become better speakers and writers, hiring a speaking coach, to share what we have learned and now at this point our focus and energy is to be the best at coaching our Results Fitness Biz members to reach their potential. And as a bigger picture change the way fitness is done around the world. We have always had this restlessness to continue pursuing more and always will have it. Getting bored easily is one of our secrets too.

If you want success, ask yourself how long you have been in your comfort zone? If you keep doing what you are already doing you’ll continue having what you already have. As the late Jim Rohn said, “To have more, you have to become more.”

Start to work on your restlessness and getting comfortable being uncomfortable.

One of the trait’s of successful people = They get bored easily.

Are you bored? Should you be? Time to shake things up!

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