Strong is the new sexy…Strong is the new Beautiful…Strong is the new Skinny…

Posted on: November 10th, 2010 by Rachel Cosgrove

Bottom Line- Strong is what’s “in”….. It is the new fashion….It is hip…

If you are a female focused on being skinny and not on getting strong…you are not “with” it.

This weekend we had our powerlifting team compete at the SoCal Regional Championships. It was so great to see so many women at the event. When I competed two years ago there wasn’t really any other women there and now there is some competition (in fact I think I may have to make a comeback since my record has been broken). Results Fitness had four women on our team who all kicked butt and had a blast! And they are four of the most feminine women you could imagine but very strong, confident and empowered. Watch the videos below to see determination and proof that you can be feminine and strong. It was so much fun to watch them.

Megan kicked butt making this lift look easy.

And Kristy with her blonde ringlets is the definition of feminine while showing her determination and confidence-

Going to this meet and seeing how many women were there was very exciting. A few years ago I started to form this vision of inspiring women to strength train in a big way. It began in 2007 when Cassandra Forsythe and I co-presented at ISSN speaking on the benefits of strength training and we both shared this vision.

As we discussed the content for our talk I remember discussing this vision that one day we’ll walk into gyms and the weight training area will be made up majority women because they will have finally learned that lifting weights is more beneficial for them than it is for men and that it will give them the body they want along with decreasing their risk of diseases such as osteoporosis, decrease their risk of injuries and improve their overall well-being and confidence.

It will look as if you just walked into a Nail Salon or beauty Salon because lifting weights will have become as important to women as getting their nails or hair done. So you’ll have all of these women, with amazing bodies of course because they all lift weights, completely taking over the strength training area of every gym doing chin ups, squats, deadlifts and challenging themselves to lift as much as they can.

This vision is a reality within the four walls of Results Fitness. At any point you can visit our gym and you’ll see a woman challenging herself deadlifting, doing chin ups and following a workout that you wouldn’t normally see a woman doing at most gyms.

Over the last 2 years I have started speaking more and my talk includes a discussion on the fact that women are moving toward this vision. Over the last two years magazines have gone from calling me to write body weight programs women can do in their homes to now writing articles on how women can feel less intimidated in the gym, and how they can train to be able to do a chin up or squat.

The content in magazines has definitely shifted. In the past year, I have been interviewed by many of the mainstream magazines (as opposed to fitness magazines) such as MORE, US NEWS and World Report, and Women’s World who are also sharing the concept of women lifting weights with the mainstream.

A year ago when my book came out I had two publicist’s who are at the top of their game in what they do and both of them insisted we have the word “strength training” on the cover of my book because it is the hot term right now among women who are looking for help on how to do it properly.  My book hit bestseller status the first day it was released on Amazon and has sold well over 10,000 copies and has gone to a second printing in under a year because women want to start lifting weights and strength train. The media has done a number of TV segments and newspaper articles on Strength Training as a new trend and the answer to long term fat loss and health. I have done 7 TV segments this year appearing on FOX, ABC and WGN discussing strength training for women.

The media dictates everything for the public and in the last year or two has been introducing more and more the concept of strength training as a woman’s number one priority for exercise and I am proud to be a part of that.

I think we are on the verge of my vision becoming a reality (not just within the four walls of Results Fitness) and I see signs that we are moving toward it all the time. In fact, I just found out about a Movement that was started called, Strong is the New Skinny. How exciting that someone has started a whole movement that we can join into and spread this message and they are doing a great job with it! Definitely click to “like” this and Join in the movement!

This brings up an interesting topic though…the word “skinny.” About two years ago before my book came out we ran a “Skinny Jeans Challenge” at the gym. This was a huge success and was when I started to formulate my ideas about women needing external feedback but they must get off the scale and instead use their jeans. I explained that it wasn’t about the style of “skinny” jeans but about getting out of your “fat” jeans and in to your “skinny” jeans because that is the language most women speak and my goal was to get them off the scale. I hated the word “skinny” but it is what the mainstream knew and made sense.

As I started writing my book I wanted to come up with a new term for the jeans that up until now we called “Skinny Jeans” and hit me one day that since they will be your new measurement (instead of the scale) to tell you when you are HOT they will be your thermometer jeans! I first coined this term in my book and we started to call our challenge the Thermometer Jeans Challenge. We have run these challenge’s in a number of gyms around the country and when putting together the ad campaign I had suggested using the slogan – Strong is the New Skinny. The actual ad campaign was going to read-

Strong is the new Skinny!
Lose 2 Jean Sizes in 8 Weeks and fit into your
Thermometer JEANS- your jeans that tell you when your Hot!
(Because it isn’t about being skinny!)
Be fit, confident and empowered.
The Thermometer Jeans Challenge

Interesting to me some of the client’s I asked about it said- That doesn’t work because we want to be strong and skinny. Good point. Nobody wants to be fat. And as you get strong you will actually get skinnier. So we decided not to use it (although I loved it!)

This week we finished the above 8 week challenge and have 32 participants who successfully completed the challenge to get into their Thermometer Jeans and they all look Fabulous. In fact two of the girls who competed in the powerlifting competition also joined in the Thermometer Jeans Challenge and lost 2 jean sizes while training for a powerlifting competition.

You can check them out on our Results Fitness Fan Page Here.

So after watching all of these women get stronger over the last 8 weeks while losing two jean sizes and then attending the powerlifting meet this weekend and watching the women competing feeling empowered and strong I was reminded of this slogan – Strong is the new Skinny because some girls had it on their shirts at the meet (don’t know who thought of it first them or me but doesn’t matter because all of us are a part of this movement).

Recently Results Fitness signed a deal with Nike which I am so excited to be aligned with because they are all about empowering women and challenging themselves. They have some of the best T-shirt sayings around similar to this such as this one I got a few years ago, Strong is the New Beautiful!

They are doing a contest to get new T-shirt sayings and I put a few of my favorites including Strong is the New Skinny and Strong is the New Sexy. The more I think about it I think I like Strong is the new sexy because I don’t know about you but there is no better feeling than fitting in my “skinny” jeans feeling sexy.

For the first time I am going to open my blog for comments because I want to hear what you think of this blog, this movement and which shirt you prefer….and if you are on board to create my vision of women taking over the strength training floors.

I’ll let you decide and vote for the one you want Nike to make or Vote for Both and hopefully we can get enough votes to get one of them made!

Strong is the New Sexy –  Click Here to Vote

Strong is the new Skinny – Click Here to Vote

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