“I’ve tried EVERYTHING…”

Posted on: March 1st, 2011 by Rachel Cosgrove

Wouldn’t it be great if someone had tried every fitness program out there and could tell you what works and what doesn’t? I came across blogger/author, Charlotte Hilton Anderson, who writes about her experience trying every different fitness program out there and reports her results. How fantastic! Instead of trying to figure it out for yourself, read her experiences and see what has worked for her and her gym buddies who join in with her.

She has been doing this for 4 years now and has literally tried everything…Sometimes people tell me they have “tried everything” and it usually isn’t true. Charlotte HAS tried EVERYTHING including ballet workouts, distance running, yoga and The Female Body Breakthrough. She did my workouts as part of her experiment completely unsolicited, in fact she bought and paid for her own copy of my book and I didn’t hear about it until she was done with the program and tweeting me about her results! She had this to report…

“Out of EVERYTHING we’ve tried nothing has gotten better results for the Gym Buddies and I than the programs from The Female Body Breakthrough. Out of the whole group of us that did it, every single person lost body fat…

Me: I lost 7% body fat!

Allison: Down between 5% and 8%, which is impressive alone but considering she started at the very low end of the body fat scale makes it even more remarkable.

Krista: Did the impressive feat of losing both weight (down 8.8 pounds) and fat (down 6%) by combining Rachel Cosgrove with Weight Watchers.

Daria: Lost 5% body fat and 2 pants sizes. In one month. Just amazing

…and we all gained strength. In addition to getting great results we were never bored – a problem for us since we’ve literally tried everything – your phases kept us motivated and engaged. Your book has become the number one workout I recommend to people. My only disappointment was that there isn’t a sequel yet – we want more Rachel workouts!”

It helped that she did The Female Body Breakthrough right after they finished trying out distance running and had a similar experience to me, gaining 2% body fat. Check out her blog post as she starts The Female Body Breakthrough. And pick up a copy of her brand new book,

Charlotte asked for it….”more Rachel workouts!” You can get more “Rachel workouts” ¬†plus me as your coach by joining www.thefemalebodybreakthrough.com.

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