Hotel Gym Workout

Posted on: June 10th, 2011 by Rachel Cosgrove

Piggy backing off of my last post thought I’d share the workout I did this week at the hotel I was staying at. First I had a pretty good set up to work with. See picture below…

I had dumbbells up to 50′s, space, swiss balls, a cable machine, medicine balls, and of course a room full of seated machines and a whole line of treadmills. What did I do for my workout?

Before anything I filled up my bottle of water from the filtered cooler and started gulping then got into my workout…

Dynamic warm up- I went in that room in the back corner which I guess is the stretching room and went through a dynamic warm up including hip extensions, Lying T’s, squat to Stand, thoracic rotation, Lunge with reach, lateral lunges, inch worms. I got warm pretty fast.

Moving into working my core -

I paired Plank w/ alt hip ext with  Rev lunge w/ cable row. I did 10 ea of hip extensions and 10ea on the cable row, then stretched my chest on the doorway and repeated twice.

After that I made my way to the dumbbells next to the woman doing “toning” exercises with those pink dumbbells and grabbed the 40 lb dumbbells and did walking lunges up and down the VIP red carpet paired with a 2-PT DB row with the same 40 lb dumbbells. I did 10ea on both of these exercises and again went around twice.

Next up bend movement and push movement –  Single Leg DB Romanian Deadlift with the 45 lb DB paired with DB push press which I used the 35′s

Next up was twist and squat – I took advantage of the cable machine and did horizontal wood chops paired with DB squats using the 50 lb dumbbells. 10 of each and went around twice.

Last my finisher was 20 reps of DB swings. Twice around.

I finished back in the room I started doing my stretches. I had been sitting all day the day before and was going to sit all day today so stretched my hip flexors really good, my chest and my back.

One thing to note- This above routine isn’t too far off from the one I am doing as my program at Results Fitness. The reps are the same reps I’m doing this month for my program on purpose. I don’t have the barbells to do dead lifts so I did SL dead lift instead and other swaps like that but overall this routine is not completely random. When traveling you have to make do with what you have but that doesn’t mean you should just do random stuff – still stay focused on your goal and how you can make progress toward or at least maintain what you are working on when you aren’t traveling.

Finished by using the filtered water cooler to fill up my shaker cup with my whey protein and greens as my post workout shake and I filled up my empty water bottle again and I grabbed an apple from the bowl of fruit sitting there.

Nothing to it but to do it.

To get a 16 week program to follow pick up The Female Body Breakthrough. The first phase you can do at home or in a hotel gym with minimal equipment.

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