One of my favorite workouts

Posted on: June 20th, 2011 by Rachel Cosgrove

When I wrote the original Spartacus workout I asked if I could use SandBags and a TRX along with dumbbells but after discussing it with Adam Campbell, fitness editor at Men’s Health Magazine, we decided to keep it simple and stick with one tool – dumbbells. I put together a killer workout, if I don’t say so myself…getting everything done including cardio, strength work, moving in multiple planes and performing every movement as part of one workout. Talk about effective and challenging…

In fact, the Spartacus workout went on to become one of Men’s Health Magazine’s MOST popular workouts.

One of the reasons the Spartacus Workout is so popular is for the reason that you only need one tool- dumbbells. The fact that you can grab 1-2 pairs of dumbbells and a square of floor and have such an effective, results producing workout in under an hour. If we had gone with my original request to use multiple pieces of equipment I don’t think it would be as popular because it would become more complicated to do…that Adam Campbell is a very smart guy…

Recently Fitness Expert BJ Gaddour (who has excellent tracks from his company Workout Muse to use with this workout) put together a workout inspired by Spartacus and included using a TRX, a SandBag and a kettlebell. He used completely different exercises and it looks like a great workout but it sparked an idea…

The Spartacus Workout has become one of my own personal favorite workouts because if the gym is busy and I want to hide in a corner and get my workout done or do my workout at home I can grab 1-2 dumbbells or lately what has become my favorite tool is to grab an Ultimate SandBag and a square of space and perform the Spartacus workout with a SandBag. I end up drenched with sweat having a great workout – I love it!

After seeing BJ share his new workout I realized I should share the Ultimate SandBag Spartacus Workout which keeps the same concepts as the original workout including keeping it simple using only one tool so you don’t need a bunch of stuff, and also doing the same effective workout. Talking to Josh Henkin, developer and creator of The Ultimate SandBag System I mentioned that I love to do Spartacus with an Ultimate SandBag and wanted to share that. He helped me by putting together an instructional video for you.

If you don’t own a sandbag, go now and purchase an Ultimate SandBag and whether you’ve been doing the Spartacus workout or are just doing it for the first time using a Sandbag will take it up a notch, challenging your body in all new ways.

Benefits of using a SandBag as your tool:

- Increased core stabilization.
-Increase the amount of calories you’ll burn during the workout because you’ll be working harder.
- Put a new challenge on your body by having a load that is constantly off center. New demands = continue to get results.

We’ll start with Spartacus 2.0 since it is the most recent Spartacus workout. Check out the video below for how to swap out the original exercises with Sand Bag versions of the exercise for round 1 of the workout. Stay tuned for round 2 later this week.

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