25 Ways To Distract Yourself

Posted on: August 11th, 2011 by Rachel Cosgrove

After setting yourself a goal, you start off motivated and focused with no chance of ever missing a workout or splurging outside of your 10%…


Then the moment hits when you have used up all of your splurges that week and you start to have the conversation in your head of “I shouldn’t suffer or deprive myself…” “Life is too short…” “How much damage will one little extra splurge do?…” “Just this one time…” “Wine is actually good for you and you should have one glass daily…” “I’ll just eat some right now and then it will be over with and I’ll get back on my plan…”


You know that moment when the chocolate starts to call your name or the bread basket is taunting you and you are having the discussion in your head of should I…?


For most of my clients this is usually in the afternoon between lunch and dinner when they end up snacking on something unplanned. Or for many of us it is the habit of something sweet after dinner. Or if you are dining out that moment when they bring the breadbasket. One of my main culprit’s is a glass of wine or two at the end of the day with dinner especially if I am out at a restaurant. There also seems to be a high correlation to these cravings happening more often, especially for chocolate or bread, at a certain time of the month.


Or after a particularly stressful day when you start to have the conversation of “ I deserve…”A quote from the movie, How Do You Know – “Never drink to feel better, only drink to feel even better.” Save your splurges for when you are already feeling good and want to feel even better not when you are wallowing in your sorrows of stress and “poor me”, instead pick something off the list below which will perk you up!


What should you do when these voices start to creep into your head…


Here are some ideas I brainstormed of things to distract yourself. And yes I’m writing this in an effort to distract myself…


Usually that’s all it takes is a little distraction, you’ll get through the uncomfortable feeling of really wanting whatever it is you really want and you’ll feel like you conquered the world when you don’t give in!

1. If you are at a restaurant as soon as possible order a green salad with vinaigrette dressing to keep you occupied when the breadbasket comes.

2. Instead of dessert tonight, foam Roll your entire body and stretch from head to toe!

3. Go try on all of the clothes in your closet. See what fits, what doesn’t and clean out anything you haven’t worn in a year. Or at least try everything on that you feel sexy in to give you a boost.

4. Hit the shops and buy yourself a new outfit! Nothing feels better!

5. Wearing something you feel sexy and confident in when you head out to dinner will remind you – Nothing Tastes as Good as Lean and Sexy Feels!

6. Make a cup of tea or decaf espresso.

7. Pamper Yourself! Give yourself a facial – steam in the sink, face mask, cucumbers on the eyes…

8. Paint your nails.

9. Go on Itunes and buy some new workout songs for your Ipod.

10. Call a friend or family member and catch up with someone you haven’t talked to in awhile.

11. Online shopping to “splurge” in a different way and buy your new body some new clothes! My favorite sites – www.zappos.com, www.piperlime.com, www.nike.com, www.guess.com but be careful this can get dangerous…

12. Have a go-to feel good movie or DVD set. My favorite is Sex in the City.

13. Take a trip down memory lane! Get out the photo albums and look through old photos.

14. Go for a walk.

15. Log on to facebook, which can be an easy way to use up some time. Check out what some of the people who inspire you have been doing, read their blogs or articles. If you get bored on facebook head over to twitter.

16. Make yourself a tall glass or in a wine glass of sparkling water with sliced oranges, lemons, limes and/or cucumbers or mint leaves. Is that a Mojito? You’ll feel fancy. Sometimes having a glass of wine can be pretend…

17. Have a comfy place that’s cozy and relaxing where you can go and just zone out with fluffy pillows, a comfy chair, windows or outside and chill. I like to have our waterfall on sitting in my backyard. You can read or just relax and breathe. BUT if you find you can’t stop thinking about what you are craving switch gears and get a workout done. Nothing like breaking a sweat to get you refocused.

18. Re-do your vision board or if you don’t have one it is time to make one. Rip out pictures from magazines of things you want more of in your life and create a vision board for yourself.

19. Re-read The Female Body Breakthrough – it will get you re-focused and motivated every time! J

20. Who’s birthday or event is coming up that you can buy a gift for? Go online or shopping for someone else and mark something off of your to do list.

21. Lie on your back with your legs resting on a chair bent at 90 degrees(best position for your body to rest in) and focus on breathing, taking big belly breathes. Inhale and exhale.

22. Read a new magazine for inspiration -  I suggest Women’s Health.

23. Take a bath with candles, bubble bath, essential oils and chill.

24. Floss and Brush Your Teeth.

25. Journal or write a blog…ahem…what do you think I’m doing now J

Hope this list helps you as much as it helped me to distract yourself next time you have one of those uncomfortable moments. Start to get used to and be comfortable being uncomfortable and remember nothing tastes as good as lean and sexy feels! Print this list out and have it handy next time the moment strikes! Life is too short to not look and feel your best every day!


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