The “Bad Ass” Factor

Posted on: April 20th, 2012 by Rachel Cosgrove
I can’t think of a better word to describe the feeling I’m about to describe…
This past weekend we had a team of 30 people, at Results Fitness, do our first Mud Run and we had a blast! We had people on our team at all levels, all ages and everyone had so much fun. More than one of them had an inspiring story of overcoming some major obstacles in their life and throughout their membership at Results Fitness.
During the race, I was running with a couple of our clients. After just finishing crawling through a muddy, smelly, hot, claustrophobic tunnel completely covered from head to toe in mud, the mud was starting to dry on our skin as we ran down the trail we were discussing that we could have just opted for a mud bath at the spa…
…but as we discussed it, we decided that the spa just didn’t have the same “Bad Ass Factor.” There was something about coming up to each of these obstacles, that were things you had never done before, climbing over, under, through mud that made you feel like a “Bad Ass” and that was a pretty cool feeling.
In fact, that “Bad Ass Factor” was what made this race so much fun!
I started to think about this concept of a “Bad Ass Factor” and I realized it is a huge reason why our clients love the exercises they get to do at Results Fitness(and the ones in my book).
Especially for women who have been sticking to some of the not so “bad ass” exercises like the treadmills or aerobic classes all their lives. When you learn how to Deadlift, do a Chin Up or a Push Up, use the ropes or a kettlebell there is nothing better than doing one of these exercises that has a high “Bad Ass Factor” and leaving the gym feeling like…A Bad Ass!
What exercise has the highest “Bad Ass Factor” for you? Leave your answer below!

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