The Perfect Body

Posted on: July 16th, 2012 by Rachel Cosgrove

There is no perfect body except the one you woke up in this morning. Enjoy it and enjoy the journey!

Over the past month I have spoke to a number of clients in the gym, who are at different points on their journey, reaching new milestones. It hit me how important it is to realize that this is a journey. You aren’t going to suddenly arrive at a destination and be done. You’ll have goals that you’ll meet along the way but those are all part of your lifelong journey learning about yourself and your body, how to be physically and mentally at your best. This is ongoing.

My goal as a coach is to pull my clients along this journey at a pace that works for them, to make sure they are on the right path and be here for them with the answers as they are ready for them.

There is a saying on our wall that says- No Judgments. Nobody will ever judge you at our gym, whether you are on the fast track or taking the long scenic route.

When you first start with us it is good to think about one change at a time. Starting to work out twice a week is enough of a change to get you going on your path. I’ve had many of our clients say to me, “When I started here I NEVER thought I would enjoy coming to the gym. Now I LOVE being here and want to hang out here all the time. I can’t believe it!”

When you’re ready start to make small changes to your nutrition habits we have the answers to help you with this. This past month one of our clients who has been with us for four years decided to join into our annual MuffinTop Meltdown Challenge. Up until now she was not ready to change her nutrition habits at all. She came into the gym consistently and worked out hard for the past four years. Her body had already changed dramatically without changing her nutrition. Now four years into her membership she was ready to take the next step on her journey and learn more about how to change her nutrition habits.

At the other end of the spectrum we have a few of our clients training for a Figure/Bikini Competition. All of them have been on their journey to achieve optimal health & fitness for many years. Two of them have competed in shows before, while one particular client, it will be her very first competition. She was noticing how much muscle the other girls have and we started talking about how every year of working out consistently you add muscle and your body gets better and better, so the other girls have more muscle because they have been doing this longer. When they did their first competition, they didn’t have as much muscle as they have now. This was a huge “Aha” for her realizing that this competition is part of her journey (it’s not the end point) and every year she will improve, adding more muscle making progress year after year.

Back to the line, I opened this blog post with – There is no perfect body EXCEPT the one you woke up in. Maybe you have an ideal of a “perfect body” you want to reach. You may have compared yourself to others thinking, she’s in way better shape then I am…People who you look at and think have the “perfect body” are usually just further along on their journey looking toward the next step on their path. Let them inspire you to follow in their path but don’t compare yourself, you’re at a different point on your journey with different ups and downs.

This is your wake up call to enjoy YOUR perfect body and take note of where you’re at on your journey. Celebrate the progress you have made so far!


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