Guard Your Precious Time

Posted on: January 10th, 2013 by Rachel Cosgrove

One of the most common mistakes I see women in the fitness industry make is giving too much away for free including their own precious time. Time is the only non-renewable resource you have. You don’t get it back. You have to choose wisely how you use every hour, every minute and every second. Guard your precious time very closely.

If you say yes to something, you have said no to something else. Who have you been saying “no” to? Who do you not have time for? No time for your family, your friends, the activities that will actually impact your success growing your business and get you closer to your goals, your paying clients, or worse, for yourself? No time for your own professional development? What about your own workout? Or how about time for the things that you enjoy and make you happy? Or maybe you have always wanted to volunteer for a charity that means a lot to you but don’t have time?

We all love what we do, are passionate about helping people and let’s be honest we would do it for free. In fact, many of us do end up doing it for free giving away our training advice, our motivation, our nutrition tips and recipes…giving away all of the knowledge that we have built up over a lifetime, learning through our own experience of trial and error, through books, courses, other people and coaching our clients. All of that knowledge that you have built and continue to build is extremely valuable and even more valuable is your time.

One of the most common ways I see women in the fitness industry let people take their time (notice I said “let” because you are the one who has taught people how to treat you):

Email (also includes your facebook inbox or any other inbox that people can access you)- As you grow in the industry and put out your information to help others you’ll get more and more people who have questions, want more from you and want a direct line to you. They want your time. As long as you make your direct email available they will use it and start to take your valuable, precious time along with your knowledge from you. You CANNOT be accessible to anyone and everyone by email (or your facebook inbox). You will end up spending hours and hours answering questions and trying to help everyone for FREE. Giving your time away for free.

If you get the following three lessons then I’ve accomplished my mission with this post.

Get this…

  1. If someone doesn’t value what you have to offer and is not willing to pay you what you and your time is worth you will not be able to help them.
  2. Not everyone is for you and that is ok, help those who are.
  3. It is not fair to your paying clients and customers who value, and pay you when you help someone else for free. Think of it as “stealing” from your paying clients and customers.

IMPORTANT: Read the above three things again and make sure you got them.

Action steps:

  1. Decide now that you will no longer be accessible by email except to your paying clients, who value your knowledge and your time.  When you find yourself about to answer an email from someone who wants your knowledge and time for free, catch yourself and instead do something to get you closer to your business goals. You can answer their question but leverage your time spent answering that question (read below #4). Instead spend that time helping a paying client, or spend the time with your kids or your husband.
  2. Guard your time. Write a response that explains that you get hundreds of emails a day (your allowed to exaggerate because one day you will be getting hundreds of emails a day and your setting this up with that in mind) and do your best to read them all but unfortunately you do not have time to respond to each of them individually but that you do answer many of the questions that come in through email on your blog and in your email newsletter so make sure they are signed up on your email newsletter (you have an email newsletter don’t you? If not we’ll cover that another day). Funnel them to become one of your paying clients or customers.
  3. Organize these emails by putting them into a folder that anytime you are creating content you can easily access them and get tons of ideas of what your audience needs and wants to fuel your content.
  4. Leverage your time by answering the questions that come in once on your blog and/or in your email newsletters. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t give valuable information away because that is how you are going to connect with people to get them to take action. You just have to use your time wisely, leveraging it by writing your response to help more than one person at a time. I’m giving you the best I have in this post on guarding your time for free. Of course, it’s not EVERYTHING I have because I couldn’t fit that in a blog post, but it’s really valuable, powerful advice that if you put into action you’ll be interested in learning more from me.
  5. Funnel the people who are reading your free content on your blog and your email newsletter or attending a free seminar you give locally to a way to pay you for your services. This advice goes for building your business locally too. Start to think of ways you can spend your time to get in front of your target audience and connect with them to funnel them to sign up for your services to help them.

For example, everything I decide to spend my precious time on funnels to either our gym to become one of our valued members of Results Fitness or to our mastermind coaching group. When I write a blog, a facebook post, an email you better bet my goal in spending that time is to connect with someone to funnel them to attend one of our live events, purchase one of our products or join our gym so I can help them accomplish their goals. If I speak at a seminar locally (the other night I spoke to our local triathlon club) or in the industry I am hoping to connect with people in the audience to funnel them to join our gym or join our mastermind coaching group so I can help them.

By the way, if you send me a message in my facebook inbox, if I read it (I get hundreds, I really do:)) watch for me to answer it on my facebook page for everyone to see or in future content for my email newsletter (which if your not subscribed you should get subscribed above) but you won’t get a direct line to me unless you are one of our coaching members or a client of our gym because I have to guard my time.

My time each day is spent working directly with our mastermind coaching members and our clients at Results Fitness along with our team who work directly with them. I only have so much time and I give it to the people who value what I offer because I know I can help them.

This is permission to start to guard your valuable, precious time as closely as I do. Use that time for YOU. You deserve it!

I’ll be sharing more secrets to guard your time in my email newsletter so make sure you are subscribed (above) and at our upcoming seminar on February 22nd & 23rd. Mark your calendar. More details will be released in the next week on our website at

(Incase you didn’t catch that I just spent time writing this blog post giving you really powerful advice hoping to connect with you and am now funneling you to sign up for my newsletter and come attend one of our live events so I can help you even further…hope to see you there!)

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