Questions: An Exclusive Interview with Coaching Member Aleda Fitness

Posted on: May 22nd, 2014 by Rachel Cosgrove

Over the past few years of coaching fitness business around the world, we have discovered a few burning questions that everyone wants to know. Never willing to settle for standard answers, the Results Fitness University team decided to get the perspectives of hard working owners that are in the trenches every day, changing lives and changing the way fitness is done. This week we sat down for an exclusive interview with one of Results Fitness University’s Mastermind Coaching Members, Aleda Fitness, located in Portland, Oregon. Here’s what they had to say.



How long have you been in business?

We opened on February 20th, 2012. So two years, two months and 26 days, for you fact introverts.

Why do you do what you do?

We love turning people’s lives around for the better. Nothing beats watching a 77-year-old woman deadlift more than her body weight and then turn around, smile real big, and start dancing. We enjoy being the bright part in people’s day. We often hear, “I know Aleda is always having a great day!” and this means the world to us. We need more bright spots in the world!

What’s the greatest challenge in running a business with your spouse?

The biggest challenge is that there is no divide between work and home unless you intentionally build it in. Everything can become personal if you’re not careful, and you have to know when you need your business partner versus needing your life partner.


How do you overcome it?

Lots of communication! We mean overly communicating your needs and intentions. We have established and re-established each other’s roles as Aleda grows. We keep our focus on the greater good of helping our members and our community, which means keeping the boundary of “work at work” and “home at home” of the utmost importance. We make space, too, for each other to grow and we support each other’s goals as leaders. Sometimes one will gain more recognition or move in a new direction and it’s each of our priorities to help them do so!


What’s the greatest benefit in working with your spouse?

We love watching each other grow into better coaches and have more confidence. It’s a very cool thing to be there for it all – to watch the person you love so much reach for their dreams and accomplish them. Plus, we get to share in realizing this dream together. We don’t have to go home and share in an amazing story from the day because we were both there to witness it. We feel very lucky to do what we do together.


As a coach, what’s your greatest skill? How do you teach it to others?

Chris: I’ve realized that my strongest skill is what I call “Intuitive Coaching.” It’s my ability to read a client each time they walk in our door and meet them where they’re at. I let go of any agenda, use questions as a basis for my coaching, and totally get on their side to give them the best session for that day. I love helping them build awareness around what’s really going on so they can move forward. The greatest gift as a coach is to help a client achieve what they never thought possible and see them change their story about who they are and what they can achieve. Andrea:  As Aleda’s life coach, my strongest skill is my ability to listen. I can hear the story behind the words before a client can string together what’s going on and help create clarity quickly. I am constantly listening to, for, and with my whole self to what’s really going on for someone. I work with the whole self from the inside out. I take deep dives into topics such as stress, being overwhelmed, and low self-confidence.


We teach inquiry-based coaching versus solution-based coaching. Our clients are the experts in their own lives. It’s not our job to tell them what to do or not to do. It’s our job to listen, inquire, and help them close the gap by helping them outline for themselves what they need to do, and then support them through it. We teach our coaches to listen, listen, listen, and ask good questions. We always say that if you’re problem solving for your client you’re working too hard.


    As business owners, what is your greatest skill?

Our greatest skills are resilience, persistence, and creativity. We bounce back quick when things don’t go as planned, we are constantly looking for ways to improve, and the best way to do either is by being creative. This is behind the scenes though. From our member’s perspective we think our greatest skill is consistency with our service. Customer service is a lost art and we pride ourselves on taking the best care of our clients as possible.


What’s the one thing you would say to a coach getting ready to transition to business owner?

You have to have an equal if not more passionate edge for entrepreneurship as you do for being a coach. Your world becomes 80% about business and 20% about training. You can have the most incredible training ability, but if you can’t sell it, share it, and serve with it, then you will not succeed in business.


What’s you next step? What is on the horizon for Aleda Fitness?

Our message is that we help you find your best self by changing your life and believing in you. This goes beyond the training floor. We are working towards becoming an all-inclusive coaching facility and integrating life coaching skills with our fitness coaches. Our vision is for Aleda Fitness to become one arm of an over-arching company that helps you change your body, your mind, and your spirit through fitness, life coaching, signature programs, and retreats.

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