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Thank you for visiting my website! This is Rachel Cosgrove, best selling author of The Female Body Breakthrough & Drop Two Sizes, owner of Results Fitness & Results Fitness University, columnist for Women’s Health Magazine and spokesperson for Secret Deodorant. A consultant for Fortune 500 companies such as Nike and Gatorade, I was also a contributor to the New York Times Best Seller, The Big Book of Exercises and the Women’s Health Book Look Better Naked.

As you read through this website, my blog and my articles keep in mind I have two goals that I am extremely passionate about:

  • To connect with women of all ages who are dedicated to improving their health, appearance, mind set and fitness levels to reach their absolute potential in life- making what I call a “breakthrough.” This is who my book, The Female Body Breakthrough, is aimed at. If the message in my book resonated with you then I would love to continue to be a part of your journey through this website, my articles, my blog. Or if you are nearby, come to our gym where you can work with us directly- www.results-fitness.com.

  • To mentor other fitness professionals who can make a bigger impact on the above group of women and are looking to create a successful career in this industry while changing as many lives as possible. I have realized that I can make a bigger impact on the above goal, of helping as many women as possible to make a breakthrough, by working directly with fitness professionals around the world who can help more women reach their potential physically and mentally than I could ever possibly do on my own. My husband and I coach fitness professionals through seminars, mentorships and our Results Fitness Biz coaching group to bridge their passion to help people with creating a successful profitable business. For more information check out- www.resultsfitnessuniversity.com

I have over twenty five years of experience in training myself, and for the past fifteen years have been devoted to helping others through personal fitness coaching. In 2000 my husband and I opened our own facility in Southern California called Results Fitness where, along with the help of our Results Fitness Team, we are dedicated to changing people’s lives through individualized programs, nutrition and supplementation while building a successful sustainable business that allows us to live the life we want to live. Our gym has quadrupled in size since we first opened and was voted one of the top ten gyms in the United States by Men’s Health Magazine three years in a row!

At Results Fitness, we have spent many years researching the best methods for losing fat, gaining muscle and achieving that lean, athletic look every female wants along with creating systems to run a successful business allowing us to help as many people as possible.After years of working in the trenches in our gym, I have become a trusted source for many of the magazines where I appear regularly as a featured expert. I also speak nationally and internationally on the topics of what works for women to make a breakthrough, running a successful fitness business and teaching trainers strategies to make a breakthrough with their female clients.

My first book was released in November 2009 and was instantly an Amazon best seller. Day to day I work with my team at Results Fitness, our business coaching members in Results Fitness University and writing and teaching seminars around the country with the goal in mind to change the way fitness is done around the world and to help more women reach their potential.

Every one of us has the power to transform ourselves into something incredible, yet confusion and lack of knowledge keep most women from ever realizing their potential and most fitness professionals from ever turning their passion into a profitable, successful career. I have realized that I can provide resources for both since I have been at the other end of each of these journeys myself, having struggled with my own weight and body image and having struggled to make ends meet as a passionate fitness professional.

Whichever of the above two groups you fall in to, I am excited that you have come across my website and I look forward to working with you and being a part of your journey. You’ll notice the content in this website is aimed at both of the above groups who many times cross over. If you are a female looking to make a breakthrough and reach your potential physically, as you are on your journey you may find that you want to change careers and become a fitness professional helping other women…either way I am here for you and can help you to reach your true

potential in life.

To book Rachel for appearances, presentations or consulting contact Donna, Donna@results-fitness.com.

“Ladies, listen to Rachel Cosgrove’s advice. She’s not only an accomplished athlete herself. She’s also a renowned trainer. And her advice has helped thousands of women get into the best shape of their lives. It’s a simple formula really. Do what Rachel says. And watch as the results follow.”

John Berardi, PhDFaculty member, University of Texas
Author of The Metabolism Advantage

“Rachel Cosgrove is one of my top sources for fitness advice. She is, without a doubt, the best in the world at helping women lose fat and get in the best shape of their lives. In fact, there’s no one in the fitness industry I trust more.”

Adam Campbell, MS, CSCS
Fitness Director
Men’s Health

“When it comes to getting real results for real women, I trust Rachel Cosgrove. She is hands down one of the best female trainers in the country, and I wouldn’t want anyone else as our fitness columnist at Women’s Health. She understands that women today want to look great, but have less time and motivation than ever. Her approach is realistic and motivating, and her book is filled with the all the tools to positively push women to results they never thought possible. If you want to change your body (and your life!) for good, read this book.”

Jen Ator
Fitness Editor at Women’s Health Magazine

To book Rachel for appearances, presentations or consulting

contact Donna at Donna@results-fitness.com