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Lessons from Snowboarding…

Posted on: February 20th, 2017 by Rachel Cosgrove

One of the secrets to my success is that I ALWAYS surround myself with people who challenge & push me to grow, learn, take risks and reach my potential. I would never be where I am without coaches, mentors, colleagues, family, friends, my husband…who encourage and support me – “You can do it!”

My recent Snowboarding trip was no exception. I headed to Mammoth with a friend of mine who happens to be an expert snowboarder.

When we talk about the levels of knowledge being -

Level 1 (None) – You don’t know that you don’t know(someone who doesn’t even know snowboarding is an option).

Level 2 (Some) - You know that you don’t know (you’ve spent your first day on a snowboard falling & possibly frustrated because you’re bruised and not having fun) – when most people quit! I had to relearn to snowboard because it had been so long and spent a good amount of time here on day one, falling and frustrated…

Level 3 (Know enough)- You know enough to get by but have to think about everything. This was me by the end of day one, having fun, not falling but the whole time mental dialogue happening – “Keep your weight on your front foot, bend your knees, cut in on your front edge…” Now this is fun!

Level 4 (Mastery) - You don’t even have to think about what you’re doing because you’re an expert. This is my friend who is one with her snowboard and basically glides down the mountain with as much ease as walking.

We see this progression of knowledge with babies learning to walk, with kids learning to ride a bike and anytime you learn a new skill, even running a business!

I was happy on the intermediate slopes working on my turns having fun!

By the end of our second day she said to me – “You have to come to the top with me! You have to see the view!” Really? Um ok…as I look at the map and see nothing but black diamond & double black diamond runs to get down…Is she nuts?

She assured me that there was a run on the backside open that was soft powder, really incredible and I’d be fine on it. Off we went, onto the Gondola to head to the very top! My heart was pounding…that old familiar friend FEAR who I know means I’m stepping out of where I’m comfortable being pushed to grow. All of the signs had “skull and crossbones – advanced only!” I’m going to die!

Except I knew that she had already been up to the top and had already found a way down that she knew I could do. I trusted her and knew I’d be fine. Suck it up or you’ll miss out!

As we approached the top the runs were insane and I knew she had gone off all of them! They all looked straight down to me…would they let me ride the Gondola back down?

This is us at the very top of the mountain which there is so much snow that this sign is usually not this covered and you’d have to climb up it! We’re at elevation of 11,053 feet. That edge that you see surrounding us is straight drop off cliffs that extremely advanced people (like her) jump off of.

You can see in the pic she’s relaxed having a blast…me…not so much. What am I doing up here???? How do I get down???? I did stop to take in the view, get a few pictures and enjoy my surroundings – Wow!

Time to strap on our boards and do this! I followed her down the least steep part which she was right it looked scarier than it was and I was able to do it. And wow she wasn’t kidding about the powder! The experience of being up there, the view, the exhilaration & the feeling of the unknown reminded me of why I surround myself with people like her! I was so proud of myself and so glad I had that experience on such a gorgeous day!

I thought to myself…here I go again hanging out with people who push me beyond where I would ever go on my own.

Who do you surround yourself with?

If you are running a fitness business as a solo entrepreneur you MUST find a coach & a mastermind group with people who will support you, show you the easiest path to follow and push you to become more than you ever will on your own. Do not try to run your business by yourself!

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It’s time to strap yourself in to the rocket ship and hang on for the ride because you have to come to the “top” with us and see the view! It’s worth the ride! Let’s do this! Click here now to apply

I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar…Right After This Nap!

Posted on: July 11th, 2016 by Rachel Cosgrove

We are at an exciting time for women! Women are coming into their power, realizing their potential of the gifts they have to offer the world no longer being afraid or lacking confidence to step up and take opportunities.

I know so many strong women in my life who are the sole providers for their families, many opening their own companies or moving up in their jobs to higher powered positions, taking on more than they ever have before.

More and more fitness professionals in our Results Fitness University Coaching Program opening gyms are women either on their own or together with their spouse(and we all know who the boss is:)). Being a lady boss is becoming the norm and I have to say we’re really good at it. When it comes to qualities that make a good leader…detail oriented, empathetic, good listeners, multitasking, driven…no wonder women are starting to take over. All of this while still continuing to be the amazing wife, mother & role model for others and yes making sure the laundry is done, the fridge and cupboards are stocked with groceries and there is something for dinner each night and in her “spare” time cleaning the house…oh and taking the Dog to the vet…and the list goes on…Oh and of course while always making her best effort to look put together best she can…hair appts, nail appts, make up…and so on. You look marvelous darling!

How do we do it all? Just thinking about it makes me exhausted and ready for a nap!

Women are no longer afraid of being strong physically and mentally. Strong has become the new sexy! I rarely hear a female client worried about gaining too much muscle any more, instead they are asking to be able to do a push up or a chin up and get stronger asking, “What can I do?” We have an entire powerlifting team at Results Fitness of almost all women setting records, going to national meets. 

With this new found power comes one small problem…The problem is that women put so much pressure on themselves to be perfect and do it all themselves all the time. As women are realizing they are capable of so much more there does seem to be a phenomenon of trying to take it all on and prove something. “I don’t need help. I got it. I can handle it.”

From one powerful “I can handle it all myself” woman to another…yes I’m talking to you! I felt compelled to write this post to say – You can’t do it all!

I know, I know…not very encouraging huh? Hear me out.

In order to be as powerful as you can be and have the biggest impact you can have you have to depend on others. It is ok to depend on others. You cannot do it without a team and support. You realize Beyonce has an entire entourage taking care of her before she steps on stage to be a Rock Star don’t you? It is Ok to ask for help. Let people help you.

There was a time in our business when I was managing the gym still running the day-to-day operations along with coaching certain groups such as our Drop Two Sizes Challenge and Half Marathon groups. We were also doing construction putting in a Shake Café and I was the project manager working with the contractor & the city to get it done. I also had my first book published by Rodale and had a number of TV appearances lined up and in person book signings and presentations so I was traveling quite a bit. In conjunction with my first book coming out I also started a membership website and in the mean time Alwyn & I had been growing Results Fitness University which had now grown to over 50 trainers who we were coaching. I got this! I can handle it all!

One of my biggest “Aha’s” was from Tony Hseih, the CEO of Zappos, who said – “If you don’t delegate you are being selfish.” This was a wake up call that someone else was better at and liked doing some of the tasks that I was trying to keep doing and I was being selfish by not handing them off. I decided to promote one of our team to manage the gym, I gave the opportunity to coach our specialty teams and challenges(even my D2S challenge) to our amazing coaches and hired an assistant to help me keep track of everything. Shortly after we had our biggest year yet for both companies. By trying to do it all I was not doing any of it as well as I could.

Learning to delegate can be one of the hardest things to do as you take on more responsibility and is so necessary to be able to reach your potential. It can be very scary to hand something off to someone else but if you don’t you are limiting your growth. If you are trying to do it all you cannot and will not sustain it long term.

As you are taking on more, creating more and becoming more let’s start with some of the things you have to let go of…that’s right feel free to belt out the Frozen soundtrack, “Let it go! Let it go!”

First and foremost, hire someone to clean your house! Seriously! And do not stress over how straight the vacuum lines are –who cares? You have better things to do like changing the world and making an impact helping others!

Second, build your team. Hire an assistant to handle your emails, your filing, your bookkeeping, your errands and anything else that is taking away from you spending time in your sweet spot “rocking the microphone” so to speak, making an impact! You cannot and should not do it all. If you want to help people then spend the majority of your time helping people and let other people help you! That’s what makes the world go around.

Third, do not feel guilty about taking care of yourself. You have to take time to nurture yourself with self-care, down time and relaxation. Take time to breathe and yes take a nap! Book that massage you’ve been meaning to! Make time for your workouts to stay strong and healthy! It’s an absolute necessity to you bringing your best to everything else you do.

Start there. Keep dreaming big and taking action to bring even more to the world! And as Beyonce sings, together we can run the world!  Who runs the world? Girls! Who runs the world? Girls!

One of my favorite books on this topic is Sheryl Sandberg’s book, “Lean In.” If you haven’t read it pick it up HERE now.

Listen up!

Posted on: March 4th, 2016 by Rachel Cosgrove


I absolutely believe that whatever nudge you feel in your soul, that voice telling you to reach for more, that you have something bigger to share with the world is right on and you should listen! If you feel like you keep getting pulled in a certain direction don’t ignore it.

I wouldn’t be where I am if I didn’t tune into my intuition regularly. You know when you are doing exactly what you were meant to do and you also know deep down when you are not. If something doesn’t feel right about your current situation whether it is the career path that you are on or that you’re holding back listen!

There are moments when you get a signal that you know you are on the right path and are exactly where you are supposed to be. You also experience a sense of flow when you are doing what you are meant to be doing.

When I was coaching at the gym these moments would come to me with my clients hearing them have a breakthrough and that I had helped them. Helping my clients overcome obstacles and reach their goals put me on cloud 9. Once I was on the training floor, the day would fly by feeling like I was in a time warp. A good sign that you are in flow is if you never look at the clock, spending your day counting down the minutes until work is done. In fact it is quite the opposite, time seems to speed up when you are truly in your zone of what you are meant to be doing.

Now that I have moved into doing business coaching with other Fitness Entrepreneurs these moments usually happen on a call with one of them or in person at our mastermind.

We had our entire coaching group out last week at our first mastermind event of 2016. When the day starts with Alwyn singing in the morning as we’re getting ready, “I’m on top of the world! Hey!” it’s a reminder of how much we enjoy these mastermind weeks.

Before the mastermind starts I always feel a little anxious about whether we will have enough to teach, will we be able to “fill the time” wanting to give our audience exactly what they came for. This feeling is the same anxious feeling of meeting with a new client or launching a new format for a class. Once the event starts and we get into flow the time flies by and we always inevitably have way too much to share and not enough time.

One of our “moments” of knowing we are doing exactly what we are supposed to be doing was seeing the members of our mastermind group present for each other and how much they had grown as Fitness Entrepreneurs from being a part of this group. Remembering when they first joined the group bright eyed taking it all in and now they were sharing with other members how they achieved success.

Seeing all of our coaching members last week who have taken huge risks, following their own internal nudges of wanting more, opening their own businesses and the success they are experiencing because of the support and ideas they have gained from our mastermind group was a reminder of how powerful it is to follow your gut instincts, listen to that quiet voice in your soul and take action.

This is your reminder to listen! Is it your time to jump?