Time To Write A New Story!

Posted on: January 1st, 2016 by Rachel Cosgrove

It’s a New Year, a blank slate! Turn the page to start a brand new story for yourself. If you are using the excuse that everyone sets goals and resolutions on the New Year and you don’t want to be like everyone else…why not? Why not use the energy of a new year to stimulate change and growth and decide what you want to happen in 2016?

Plus don’t worry…you won’t be like everyone else if you commit to yourself and actually follow through because as you know most people start the year with good intentions only to waver in their commitment. Don’t be like everyone else but do take advantage of this time of year to create a turning point in your life.

Over the holidays we had friends and family stay with us and saw Alwyn’s brother for the first time in a year. One year ago on New Years Day he had a heart-to-heart talk with a close friend of his and decided “This year I need to make some changes.” He set some very specific goals including to lose 100lbs.

Seeing him this Christmas he was 102 lbs lighter!  Wow! A different person! So proud of him and his commitment! And the best part is that he has confidence to set new goals and changes for 2016 to continue to improve himself.

This was a reminder to me that people do make lifelong changes at this time of year.  Every year we see clients join our gym and finally get on a path to improve their health & fitness. Every year at this time I love to look back at the list of people who joined last January & February and see what progress they have made and what they have accomplished all because they made the decision to take action one year ago.

Alwyn & I have always loved the New Year. In fact, it is one of our favorite holidays! We always take time to write down new goals, create new Vision Boards and set our sights on what we want to happen as the year unfolds ahead of us…what trips to do we want to take, what courses do we want to invest in, what books do we want to read, who do we want to meet, what new skills do we want to learn, what career and financial goals do we want to hit for ourselves personally and for our company and of course as fitness professionals we always have physical goals we want to accomplish.

  • Take time today to write down goals for 2016. Make sure they are important enough to you that you will commit and follow through to make them happen.
  • Create a Vision Board with the goals written on along with pictures that resonate with you representing each goal and place it somewhere you’ll see everyday to keep you focused and remind you of your commitment to yourself for 2016.
  • Take action immediately toward those goals to start your momentum. You can’t set goals and walk away from them. You have to start now to take massive action toward them.

As a coach I love reading, studying and learning what will work best for our clients to get the fastest results in the shortest amount of time. Even more so I always love to coach from a place of having experienced it myself first hand if possible.

In 2015 two of our coaches started our first Spartan Team. I hadn’t done a Spartan Race before and hadn’t planned on it as it really didn’t appeal to me…I was amazed that 30 of our members who they hand picked were game to do this! In all honesty I signed up out of integrity that I couldn’t let 30 of our clients do this without knowing what they were experiencing. I signed up to have the experience as a coach to know what is involved. This was the first time at Results Fitness that I had the perspective of being a part of one of our teams as an athlete with absolutely zero experience with the event and what’s in store, being coached completely, trusting our coaches who do have experience with Spartan races. I had a blast at the race and will sign up for another Spartan Race again but more importantly going through the process I have new ideas of how to coach our clients to conquer a Spartan Race the next time around.

This year at Results Fitness we are offering a chance to dramatically change your life in just 42 days. I’m so excited about this program and what it will do for those who jump onboard for the opportunity to immerse themselves and make the commitment to join us 6 days a week for 6 weeks. The program is influenced by the philosophies we already teach at Results Fitness as it was created by one of our Results Fitness University Affiliate gyms who were named our Business Owners of the Year of 2015, Casey & Gerry Washack who own Next Level Fitness! We wanted to fully endorse them as part of our team by running their program at Results and giving our members the opportunity to experience it!

As I consider my own goals for 2016 I’m ready for my own pendulum to swing away from some of the habits I have fallen into of nutritional free styling (yes even us fitness professionals have our periods of relaxing a little too much…). What better way than to give the Fit in 42 program a go to be able to speak from experience as our clients take on the commitment.

What are your goals in 2016?

Check out Fitin42.com if you are ready to step up your fitness game or call us directly to set up an interview if you are in Santa Clarita at 661-799-7900.


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Make this year your turning point!

Your Business is Your Baby!

Posted on: September 9th, 2015 by Rachel Cosgrove

Our business is our baby. No I’m serious. We do not have kids and opening our business and building it from the start…first the brand new baby stage was so exciting, then experiencing the terrible two’s, well we made it (most businesses don’t)! Then the cute toddler stage and eventually the out of control teenager (which cost us quite a bit)…and now it’s grown in to a young adult who we are very proud of. At this point, it even does ok on it’s own, but still needs our love and affection on a regular basis and yes I’m totally emotionally involved, more than a business owner should be.

In fact, once at a business seminar, I asked one of the speakers, who was a very successful business woman and was talking about
building businesses and selling them – “How do you ever sell your business after you have spent so much time and energy building it up, putting so much into it?

Her answer- “It’s not a baby! If you don’t sell it you are holding yourself back from everything else you have to offer the world!” That’s
a whole other topic that I haven’t quite grasped yet because – yes it is my baby & yes I’m totally emotionally involved and take everything about my business personally!

At one of our mastermind events one of our coaching members who is also a mother said she had an “Aha!” (if you don’t know what an Aha is you’ll learn all about them at our upcoming event, www.resultsfitnesslaunchpad.com) – “I realized you have to protect your business like it’s your baby. Guard it with everything…” Exactly!

Every business goes through stages. We have seen this with our Mastermind Coaching Members as they join our group.

When joining usually are in one of three places –

1. Aspiring – Have no or a few clients, are brand new to training, and have come to us to help start out on the right foot, get experience, and build the business and career in the fitness industry.

2. Budding – Working out of a gym or other location and have built up a solid clientele and are ready to take the next step to open their own place.

3. Veteran- Opened their own place and need help learning how to run the business, manage their team, budget, and build a sustainable business for the long term. Some are already running pretty smoothly looking to take it to the next level.

Once opening a gym there are stages that your business goes through as you grow. I got these from a book called, “Making Money is Killing Your Business.” By Chuck Blakeman and find them to be extremely accurate.

Stage One – Concept & Start Up – Honeymoon stage 0-60 members running as a solo entrepreneur wearing all of the hats…

Stage Two – Survival – AKA “The grind” 60-100 members, need to hire an office manager & first trainer

Stage Three- Subsistence – 100 members, Making Money, Time to build your fence

Stage Four – Stability by being Hands on- 100-150, Focus on building your team and delegating

Stage 5 – Success by walking around – 150-200 members,You are no longer hands on, Focus on Marketing & building your team

Stage 6 – Significance – 200+ members, Focus on providing the bigger picture vision for the company.

Stage 7 – Succession- Maturity – Business is thriving!

What stage are you in? Are you aspiring, budding or a veteran? What do you need to do to get to the next stage? What action steps do you need to take?

Remember if you keep doing what you are already doing, you’ll continue to have what you already have…

At our upcoming event we will be helping you to pinpoint the EXACT action steps to fast track your business from where it is to where you want to be, giving you a launchpad to take off from and grow your business to be a successful, mature thriving business!

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We can’t wait to see you there!


What have you decided? – By Rachel Cosgrove

Posted on: May 1st, 2015 by Rachel Cosgrove

You may have ended up in this profession on purpose, or by accident, but have never thought about your long-term vision for where you want it to take you. Take time this week to really think it through and ask yourself these questions:

What is an ideal day for me?

What kind of life do I want to create for myself?

If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll never be able to figure out what steps you need to take to get there, or if you are even on the right path. Once you write down specific goals you’ll know what doors you are looking to open to get closer to where you want to go.

Written goals have always been a part of my process. I remember writing down that I wanted to be published in a magazine. I had no idea how I would do that but, I wrote it down. At the time I didn’t know anyone published in a magazine. Soon after writing that goal down I attended an industry conference and, as I sat down to listen to the keynote, I introduced myself to the woman I was about to sit next to. She happened to be the fitness editor at Shape Magazine. I knew this was the door I was looking for to accomplish my goal. If I hadn’t written that goal down, I might have met her and left with nothing more than a “Wow, that was cool.” Instead we exchanged cards, and afterwards I reached out and stayed in touch. Soon she asked me to send her some core exercises and featured me in an article on ‘strengthening your core.’ My goal was accomplished and I was featured in my first magazine! Since then she often contacts me for various assignments.

Revisit your “why.” Revisit your vision for where you are going. Remember your career/business should support your life, not the other way around.

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