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Gerry O.

Since becoming a “fit chick” I have become much more aware of my diet. I realize now that when I do eat junk food it makes me feel tired and unhealthy. Working out in the morning motivates me to eat healthy and make better choices throughout the rest of the day. I also don’t feel as guilty if I do treat myself to a dessert because I know that I can just work harder in the gym the next day.

Before becoming a “fit chick” I was unhappy in many of the clothes that I put on. I was self-conscious about my arms, so I would avoid sleeveless shirts or tank-tops. I would also avoid tight shirts that would cling to my stomach. I tried to dress in a way that would hide my flaws, but then I would see pictures and realize I was not fooling anyone.

Now, it is like I have a whole new wardrobe. Things that I would try on before and just put straight back onto the hanger fit me differently now. My jeans are all too big, so I finally bought a new pair. I fit into a size 27 which was is amazing feeling. I cannot remember wearing a 27, even in high school!

I feel stronger and more defined. Each week I am surprised by the muscle definition that I am seeing. I did not think my body was capable of being this lean and it feels good. I feel like it is still me, but in a new and improved package. I am feeling much more confident all around making me walk a little taller and prouder.

Even if I am stressed about school or work it is nice not to add “I feel fat” to my list of stresses. I know that when I am feeling a little depressed or down, feeling overweight or out of shape adds to that in a big way. It is a huge relief to feel good about my body physically, which is a hard thing to change.

If I had a bad day I can usually take a bath and get some rest to feel better, but if I feel bad because I am 15 pounds overweight that takes much more time and effort to fix.

I know that in order to be happy and healthy, I need to be a “fit chick.”

When I am fit I feel fabulous!


Tiffany W.

My story is really about taking everything I’ve learned through the years (including my calorie/weight obsessed and disordered upbringing by both parents and grandparents) and letting it go. I’ve learned it’s not about how little you can eat and how much you can exercise. It’s about balance, eating healthy to feel good (it’s true!) and rebuilding self-confidence. It’s about knowing that I don’t need perfection, and minimizing my own perfectionist tendencies. And it’s about treating myself well so that I am happy and content with how I feel and look, and not trying to fit some definition of what I should look like. I don’t need to be the best. I need to be happy with my body and the strength and power it gives to me to live the life I want. This journey has definitely pulled me from the worst I’ve felt about myself and transformed me into a person who is unwilling to put up with what they don’t want, including a job that stressed me out to a body I wasn’t treating well. Although I’ve always exercised and eaten well, I have battled with food as a soothing agent. Now I am beginning to see myself differently. My legs are strong, my butt is lifted (yea!), and I’m toning my entire upper body. It’s not about being a certain weight anymore – it’s about being toned and feeling like I can conquer the world.


Tania K.

Before I got pregnant the first time I weighed 140 lbs. at 5’6″. With my first baby I gained close to 35 lbs. taking all the precautions necessary. Four months after the delivery, and at 153 lbs., I got pregnant again. This time I gained 43 lbs, although I was even more cautious in my food intake, and enrollment in pregnancy yoga classes. By the time of delivery I weighed 196 lbs.

I was really bothered by my weight, and I knew the only way I would be light on my feet again and as energetic as before, was to commit to an exercise program and a diet adjustment. Oh, yeah! Did I mention I wanted results fast and long lasting? Turns out, strength training, like weight lifting and resistant training has proven itself to be the answer.

Less than a year later, I weighed 140 lbs. again. But wait…I got more than just weight loss. My body is strong; I have active muscles in all parts of my body I have never had before. My flexibility improved, and my chronic knee pain is hardly ever a problem anymore. My metabolism has increased and so has my food intake. Of course not cookies and chocolate, but I haven’t really eliminated them out of my diet either, and enjoy them in moderation. As I continue every week in my resistance training program, I feel stronger and leaner.

Overall, my body withstood a transformation from fat to fat-loss to muscle formation. Results Fitness and the wonderful group of trainers and staff helped me create a healthy body, mind, and psyche. The best part…I am a really energetic and a proud Mommy of a two and a one year old boys.


Sharyn A.

The main thing I have learned is to eat protein and have a recovery shake after my workouts. I had never done this before. I realized I was starving myself. I feel fit and energized and am pleased with how my clothing fits. My husband thinks I look great! It was interesting to see how my weight has pretty much stayed the same but my body fat dropped. I have gone from 28.8% bodyfat to 22% body fat. I really do feel like a fit chick and feel that I can continue and reach my ultimate goal of 19% body fat.


Sharon T.

I’ve struggled with my weight since my early teenage years and tried many weight loss programs. In the past, I’ve had moderate success at weight loss for short periods of time, only to regain the weight and cause myself alot of frustration and guilt. I joined Results Fitness in 2007 with a goal of weight loss. I wanted to lose weight in my hips and thighs because I’ve always carried my weight there. While I have lost weight, the best outcome by far has been the overall shape of my body. My body looks leaner and stronger and much more in proportion. I’ve also learned to think of food as fuel, rather than something dangerous for my body. I actually eat more food now than I ever have before, and I don’t live with the guilt. I love my lean body and I plan to weight train for the rest of my life!


Rebecca J.

My story starts from realizing a little less than a year ago that I needed help, first to get back to the more athletic body I had several years ago and second to improve upon that body and make it the best it’s ever been. Joining Results Fitness has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I have learned so much about nutrition and fitness I am sure I wear my family out listening to me. I have made some great improvements in what seems a relative small amount of time. I know so much more about eating right. This was one area where I thought I didn’t need much help but quickly discovered I was wrong. I knew I needed help in the gym to determine the best way to exercise. I have never weight trained in my life. Back in the day when I played basketball you just ran and ran and ran. The best thing about it is I know I can always improve, be challenged, and the coaching and tools will be available for me. The thing I need to get better at is making it such a way of life that I don’t need to journal everything I eat and those days in the gym, even the ones that I’m working on my own are in ink on my calendar and not in pencil.

To understand the progress I’ve made you have to understand my goals. When I started in January 2008 I wanted to get lean and lose body fat. During my first session I was measured and weighed… it wasn’t pretty. I was 26 ½ % body fat and 106 pounds of lean body mass. I thought I understood about healthy eating but several weeks and workouts later I discovered this was not the case. When I was measured again my body fat was down but so was my lean body mass. I couldn’t understand what was happening. I wanted to lose fat but not at the expense of lean body mass. That’s where the nutritional education I received at the gym made a difference and I started turning things around. By June I had managed to get down to 17 ½ % body fat and put on 6 pounds of lean mass. In the second half of this year I wanted to gain some muscle, get stronger and reach some performance goals. I have reached those goals as well as learned a very important lesson. It isn’t productive to live by the number on the scale. After 11 months of membership my body fat is 6% lower and my lean body mass is 12 pounds higher. I have a positive outlook and feel so much better than I did a year.


Nina C.

I have been involved in some form of exercising for most of my life. Starting at age 3 with downhill skiing, gymnastic, ballet till age 14 ballet, from the late 1970’s craze of high impact aerobics (oh how that hurt my knees!), running, Nordic track, treadmills, Total Gyms, Nautilus machines, Curves Gym to fitness clubs, specifically those kind that offer little to NO assistance. As far back as I can remember I have been very weight conscious and truly NEVER satisfied with my body. This has been a constant struggle and a painful experience. Emotionally it tore at me till I felt hopeless and experienced with bouts of binge eating and throwing up during my college years. Fortunately I was able to get away from this behavior of binging and purging, really not sure how, but I did! However, in my head I still felt trapped in an ugly, dumpy looking body. Funny thing is, I never really was more than 5lbs. to 10 lbs. overweight. Now looking back, I was not overweight, instead I had no muscle tone what so ever! I really was a flabby mess!!! Clothes could hide all that so I kept doing whatever ineffective exercising I was doing and lived completely dissatisfied with my body!

Back in 2004, I was eating breakfast at a local breakfast restaurant and happened to notice a man and women come in to eat in workout clothes. They must have worked together because their shirts had the same logo. I specifically remember how buff the woman was. I was so impressed with both of their physiques it was hard to stop staring! They ate breakfast and left the restaurant. I noticed that they walked in to a local gym across the street; it was then I knew I had to check it out! I was surprised to find out there were no machines just all free weights and personal trainers who worked with you on a training program. I was getting remarried in 6 months and I really wanted to look my best. I joined the gym for a 3-month trial membership, and I’m still there today! It was by far the BEST thing I have ever done for myself!

I have been training at this gym for over 4 years now and have never felt so good about myself. I have changed the way I look by building muscle and losing body fat. I would have never thought that heavy weight training would have helped me to achieve not only a better body, but a much more improved self image! That pain I experienced for years is gone. At age 48 I now look at myself and feel good about me! I still have my moments that I feel dissatisfied about the way I look, but I must say they are short lived! It actually motivates me to work out harder and eat cleaner. That sure beats binging and purging! I feel more confident and have started to accept compliments without putting my self down! Nothing worse than someone saying something nice to you and all you do is deny it! No more!!!

I am faithful to my resistance training and will even work out when traveling. I feel so confident in myself, my weight training and what I need to do in the gym. I don’t care if any one looks at me, I know I have to bust out a tough workout and focus on doing just that! Recently after doing a barbell complex in a hotel gym, I had this real buff looking guy come up and ask what I was doing! He commented on hard I was training too! Not sure, but I don’t think that is something that many women have experienced.

I now train 5 days a week and feel like it is therapy for me! 3 days of resistance training and 2 days of kettle bell classes. I am in my 40’s and I know that if I stop training I will lose muscle mass and gain fat. I realize how important weight training is to maintain a healthy body. I will never stop! I am so grateful for that day when I watched the 2 trainers go into that small gym. It has changed my life for good!


Maria H.

I have worked to achieve the goals of being in great physical shape, losing weight, feeling good, and looking good. After losing 70 pounds, and a total of 14% body fat I can say I am the happiest I have ever been.


Lori M.

I can look at a photo album of myself over the past 20 years and in the photos where I am overweight and out of shape were also the times in my life when I did not have control of my life. Such a time was this past year when my life went spiraling out of control. Along with the spiral came the pounds. True, I had just had a baby (no easy feat at my age, 42) and true I had just been through a traumatic relationship with an abusive alcoholic.

After going through days and weeks where I was so depressed I could barely get out of bed (only to care for my newborn, to eat, or to use the bathroom), I had finally had enough. I did what I always did when my life had tilted too far: I got back in shape.

I went back to see Rachel at Results (who welcomed me with open arms) and began my remake. I started out with baby steps: two times a week with a coach. Eventually I moved to three times and now have added fourth day of interval/cardio. Believe me, it wasn’t easy. Money was tight and what to do with my children was always an issue. But, where there is a will there is a way!

Of course I added nutrition back into my life as well. I planned six small healthful meals a day and I stuck to it faithfully. I am happy to report that I lost 22 pounds of fat and look and feel fantastic.

Not only did I physically get into shape, but mentally, emotionally and spiritually followed like stepping stones. I can’t recommend or urge you or anyone I know more to begin within themselves, everything else will follow, I guarantee it!


Lisa R.

I feel empowered through exercise and getting in shape. I recently had someone come up to me and say “You look great- you look like you have been working out!” Not Just, “You look like you’ve lost weight.” That’s what makes this experience different than anything else I have ever done. This program was never just about weight loss. This, for me, is about changing my body, empowering my body and my mind, and just about feeling good again.


Joni R.

After years of inactivity, I decided it was time to get myself back into some sort of fitness regime. Every time I would try a routine, I would aggravate old injuries, feel defeated and quit. A friend told me about a gym that has a coach that works with you at least once a week and develops programs just for you.

I went and signed up. My shoulders were so bad they couldn’t finish the evaluation on me. Then I started the workouts and began feeling healthy and strong.

When I started my exercise program I thought it was a way to gain back my mobility (health). Little did I know that along with getting a fit body (losing body fat and gaining muscle), I would reap other benefits.

I have been able to apply weightlifting techniques to my daily lifestyle as I lift and move objects safely and easily. Lifting weights has not only strengthened my body but increased my self esteem. I carry myself with confidence, feeling fit, strong and unstoppable.

As I achieve a goal, I am motivated to set new ones that challenge me physically and mentally.


Holly S.

Initially, I sought the help of Rachel Cosgrove for vanity reasons, to get my body back in shape. However, I have stuck with it now for the last 8 years to promote my health, both in body and mind. I consider working out regularly an investment in myself, I keep illness at bay and keep fit both physically and emotionally. I know I will age healthfully and have the longevity in life that I seek as a mother of two.


Donna B.

A few weeks after my 38th birthday I decided I didn’t like the way I looked. This wasn’t your typical, “Gee, I don’t like the way I look today.” This was more of an overwhelming “Gee, I don’t like the way I look today or ANY day!!!” My self esteem was at all time low. I thought to myself “If I started getting in shape now, then maybe, just maybe I’ll have the body I always wanted by the time I am 40.” My goal was to lose 25 lbs of fat in twelve weeks. I not only achieved my goal I exceeded my goal- but it’s a whole lot easier than you think. Today I look great, I feel great and my self esteem is at an all time high! I am still training and still achieving new goals! I will be celebrating my 40th birthday in a few months time and I can honestly say I never believed I would truly be in the best condition of my life at age 40! I highly recommend the philosophies in this book to ANYONE who wants to look and feel better everyday.


Cheryl C.

My struggle with weight has always been intertwined with life’s stresses and the battle of depression. A few months ago I believed my world was racing out of control and I found myself once again entering a dark place. While I was trying to swim to the surface, without the help of a doctor or drug, the Fit Chick Challenge was announced. I was convinced the challenge had presented itself at an opportune time. It could be just the tool I needed to help turn things around on my own. When I made the decision to be a part, I had set goals to LOSE fat like all the other women, however it turns out that an additional goal I made, to GAIN mental strength and happiness, became the real winner.

I started the challenge strong. I was determined to succeed, but when the results were slow to come, my focus began to slip and I became frustrated. It was after a heart to heart with Rachel that I learned about how chronic stress produces cortisol in the body which in turn contributes to the storage of body fat. So, not only was the stress effecting me mentally, it was also hurting me physically. The physical damage possible was witnessed again when I made a trip to Urgent Care only to find out that the sharp pain in my diaphragm was diagnosed as Gastritis, probably brought on by stress. Until I was able to calm my mind, and allow my body to function properly, the results would never come. I needed to make a point of consciously using outlets, or “drains”, to help wash away and filter out the negative thoughts and energy I was holding onto. A faith in God and my daily workouts have been, and will always be, my strongest drains. For almost 25 years exercise has been a constant in my life. No matter the number on the scale, I have never thought to stop. Lifting weights had begun to improve my muscle definition and tone, and while interval training strengthened my heart, it was also empowering me and giving me a boost of energy. Exercise has done as much for my brain as it has for my body. I just needed to stop, take a breath, and remember that.

My world was becoming brighter. I was once again finding joy in my day, and after a couple of months I switched up my training schedule and started working out with a group of Fit Chicks early in the morning four days a week. Who knew that early mornings and exercise companions could make the journey so much more fun! My fat loss was only a quarter of what I was working toward, however right now in my life the clarity, joy, and gratitude I have gained back mean so much more. I will master the art of being 90% compliant with my nutrition at the next go round, so that I can once and for all reach my personal goal to be a healthy body fat percentage. I am not in a hurry, I will continue to train, grow stronger, and enjoy the process!


Cheralyn G.

“I love how I feel! I’ve been living for years with the excuse,”It’s not my time – when my kids grow up I’ll have time to focus on myself.” But then I realized that my kids were getting ripped off just as much as I was. There’s no way I can be the best that my kids deserve when I am not at my best. My excuse wasn’t working anymore and it was time to make some changes. I sheepishly began my first workout program at Results and it was so pathetic I couldn’t even do 6 lunges in a row. Incorporating the nutrition plan seemed daunting and finding time to work out was a constant struggle. It seemed like there was always a good reason why “today” wasn’t a good day. But that’s just it – it’s all about today. It has to be today. Today is the day I need to think about my health, my fitness, my intentions. Pretty soon “tomorrow” will be “today,” so I had to start thinking of what I was doing to meet my goals, every single day. I committed myself to following the plan 100%. I was determined to start working out regularly and give my best effort every time and I always ended with a recovery shake – the best part of my day! The incredible thing is I couldn’t believe how quickly the changes occurred. Within a few weeks I felt stronger, I had more energy, and I could see my body changing. Soon I wasn’t even thinking of looking for excuses anymore – I wanted to be in the gym! 6 months later the clothes I used to hide in my closet because they were too tight have been thrown out because they are too big. I am doing exercises I never dreamed of and loving it, and the nutrition plan is my new comfort zone because I know every day that I am doing my body good and the guesswork is gone. Even my aching joints and headaches are no longer a problem. I find myself smiling as I walk into the gym and smiling even bigger on the way out. I am more anxious to be out and about, and I love shopping again! My kids tell me I’m strong and they love how much I am willing to do with them. Even after 4 kids and heading towards 40, I really don’t know when I’ve ever felt better. It’s totally worth it and I can’t wait to see where I am in another 6 months!” – Cheralyn G.


Twyla G.

I still can believe that I did it! I look at the pics and I’m like “wow”. You know I’ve sent those shots to old friends he…he….he….! I can’t help but think about my next goal! This whole goal setting thing is kind of contagious. Thank you!